I wanted to post some of the little recordings of songs I’ve done over the last 10 years. It does feel good to release things instead of holding on to them … even if they were half-baked.

If you’re looking, you can find them here:


Even True

“… the truth is that we are beloved,
even in our current condition,
by someone;
we have loved
and been loved.

We have also known
the abyss of love lost
to death
or rejection,
and that it somehow
leads to new life.

We have been redeemed
and saved by love,
even as a few times
we have been
nearly destroyed,
and worse,
seen our children nearly destroyed.

We are who we love,
we are one,
and we are autonomous.”

Anne Lamott


Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.

– Jack Kerouac


The Arc

"And what that has to do with the soul is this: You are part of it. I am part of it. Every human being is part of it. As soon as you are born, your parents start telling your story. As a child, you will skin your knee or walk naked into your parents’ dinner party; later you’ll suffer a broken heart, maybe hit the zone in your chosen sport, have children of your own. And that all becomes part of the human story. It folds into the Great Story Arc and alters it, if only very slightly. And there, in that blinding curve of energy that lasts forever—that is where your soul resides."

From My Drowning (And Other Inconveniences) by Tim Cahill