Personally in love

This may as well be the mission statement of my rickety little blog-that-I-call-a-journal-because-I'm-pretentious:

I want us to only publish stuff that really speaks to me. And I say to me because, in the end, you can only consult your own heart as a reader. And I don't believe in editing by committee or worrying too much about what our readers might like. I think it's more respectful to show readers something that you personally are in love with. So, even when I get panicky about what's going to go in the next issue, I try not to let that worry affect my reading. I won't include something unless I really believe in it. And my faith is that if it matters to me, and the rest of us here, it will matter to another reader.

(From this GQ interview of Lorin Stein, Editor of The Paris Review)

I don't know about the publishing sphere, but this kind of attitude is rare in advertising. Advertising is a lot of deep self-contiousness disguised as self-assuredness. But all anyone wants is to connect with something genuinely genuine. That's why we love the Maira Kalmans and Pete Seegers and Bob Dylans.

... Or at least that's why I love them.