Superficial Relating


“It is not the diamonds or the birds, the people or the potatoes; it is not any of the nouns. The miracle is the adverbs, the way things are done. It is the way love gets done despite every catastrophe.” 

Daniel Handler, Adverbs (recommended if you like quirky


I'm in the middle of it - my life's accumulations are haphazardly packed into boxes and squirreled away at my parent's house.

Almost every part of life has changed. I had to buy a new car. I can't find anything. I've worn the same shoes every day for a week.

The six or seven houseplants I had in my apartment are now all in the east-facing dormer of my childhood bedroom. I don't know the right way to care for any of them but hooray they seem to be surviving.

Next month, I'll move into the spare bedroom at a good friend's house.

What I really want to do is forget everything, get into that car, turn the music up, and go somewhere dumb and exciting.

But I guess that's what everyone wants?