Does anyone else feel change in the air? Maybe it's the spring. Maybe it's the astrological events. Maybe it's this age ( ... nearing 30 over here).

I was a very convicted young person. I thought I had things figured out. I knew what I believed. But it seems like the older I get the less I know - in a good way.
In the last year, scary things have happened (a melanoma diagnosis) and revelatory things have happened (an ADD diagnosis) and wonderful things have happened (a sweet new nephew) and banal things have happened. And a person keeps seeking and a person finds out that maybe there aren't any answers or tricks or requirements or secrets to any of it.

Maybe it comes down to this: if you are lucky enough to be 'free' - unattached and unconstrained - and you want adventure, you simply reach for it. Courageously or terrifyingly or both. And then you see what happens.

On that note ... I've been working on a new song. My sister says "More! I want more!" Here's a snippet. What do you think?