Savoring the Tiny Struggles

"As long as you imagine that the outside world will one day deliver to you the external rewards you need to feel happy, you will always perceive your survival as exhausting and perceive your life as a long slog to nowhere. Instead, you have to savor the tiny struggles of the day: The cold glass of water after a long run. The hot bath after hours of digging through the dirt. The satisfaction of writing a good sentence, a good paragraph. You MUST feel these things, because these aren't small rewards on the path to some big reward; these tiny things are everything."

"When you worked hard in the past, you were doing it to GET SOMETHING, to END UP SOMEWHERE. This time, I want you to work hard just to enjoy the work and to breathe and sometimes just to sweat and suffer. I want you to be right here for a change. Not focused on some moment in the future when everything turns to gold or turns to dust. I want you to look around you as you work, and see that it is brilliant and glistening and you are at the center of everything right here, right now, all alone."

Heather Havrileski (is a genius)