About 1% of the things I've been thinking about lately:

  1. What if the artificial inseminations don't work and the white rhino really does become extinct? I'm not much of a cryer but I think I would cry.
  2. Would people rather die or drastically change their lives so that their being-ness restores earth's resources instead of depleting them? I feel like they would rather die.
  3. Has anyone done a study on how poetry affects the brain? (I bet it's a cross between meditation and listening to music)
  4. Do birds sleep in nests? (The answer is FASCINATING)
  5. Why is contact solution so expensive? It’s just saline in a bottle.
  6. Should you ever have to ask someone to love you?
  7. What would cross-dressers do if fashion became completely androgynous?
  8. Why do I feel trite for wanting to wear a wedding dress someday?
  9. Why doesn’t Cinderella’s glass slipper disappear at midnight with everything else?
  10. How do people go on european trips where they land in a new country every 2 days? Is that enough time to get a sense of anything? (except constant motion and considerable disorientation)
  11. Why are outdoor music festivals so popular? The fashion?
  12. Can we use track pads and touch screens for fingerprint passwords instead of trying to make up a new and appropriate combination of words and symbols for EVERYTHING?
  13. And finally, why don't we broadcast Nick Drake from the tops of the tallest buildings every morning like a call to prayer: