Not The Only Starfish In The Sea

I've been seeing lots people I only-kind-of-know around. Everywhere. Right and left. Is it just because it's summer in Minneapolis and that's what happens? People are surfacing for the summer?

But I'm the worst. I think I have this entirely forgettable face and no one would ever recognize me. Or I think they might know who I am but I freeze up and can't can't find words or courage enough to make a connection. All I can do is desperately try not to make eye contact.

Everyone does this, right? ... Right?

The truth is that I always WANT to make a connection. Really, I want them put their hands on my shoulders and say, "Hi Rebecca. How are you? Do you want to get a drink? Because you seem like an interesting person and you probably think I'm an interesting person because you think everyone is interesting and, anyway, no one can ever have enough friends."

Sometimes it's hard to break the ice but I'll work on it if you will.